WELFARE – BWG is a primarily a social group but has supported Thai charities right from the start. Donations on BWG’s AGC (Annual Giving Calendar) 2023 are for education only so it has been reduced by two thirds compared to 2022. It is extremely hard to withdraw our support to groups who have benefitted from our generosity for years but we can only give what we have. In the past we were able to hold fund raising events but times have changed and BWG does not have large surplus funds. Most of the welfare money comes from Alms Bowl, raffles and second hand books and if we amass as much as we did last year, then the AGC will be more than covered.

Message of thanks from Max Simpson, Co-Founder Steps Community

The continued support from BWG is much appreciated. Accounts will process a receipt.

Nicky continues to benefit hugely from his employment and last year appeared in a huge campaign we did with IKEA as well as enabling Steps to win an award from the Department of Empowerment for People with Disabilities for outstanding work. Photo attached.

We hope to host you all at Ekamai soon!

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